School of Liberal Arts

Student involvement/activities

Apart from the academics, the students at the XIM University are encouraged to participate in extra and co-curricular activities as well for promoting a holistic learning experience. There are opportunities for the students to showcase their talents and build on them through various student-initiated events and activities as well as events hosted by colleges and organizations across the country and beyond.

The student friendly environment lets them form and coordinate work groups of different interest areas like Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, Systems, etc., that provide support in form of learning, knowledge sharing, and industrial outlook to the interested students. They engage in seminars, live projects, publications, conclaves, and quizzes. Additionally, separate clubs are also formed for sports, social and cultural activities, and entertainment. The annual cultural management fests of the University- Xpressions and Xamboree are also organized end to end by the students and for the students of not just the university, but for students from across the nation.